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My Spiritual Life 6-week Online MasterClass
My Spiritual Life
Online 6-week MasterClass
Taught by Kristi Oen
Spiritual Guide and National Board Certified Teacher
Are you searching for meaning and yearning for a spiritual awakening?
Spirituality is within your reach. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey this masterclass will empower you and spark YOUR Spiritual Life.

Since childhood, I have experienced things that left me searching for answers. Answers that had alluded me until recently.

It is now my passion to help YOU on YOUR spiritual journey.

You are not alone, you are supported, and you don't need to hide your spiritual light!

My Spiritual Life
The name says it all, this course is about you taking control of your life.

Learn simple tips and strategies to implement every day in YOUR Spiritual Life.

Change your world through six weeks of transformative instruction, activities, and guided support.

Develop your spiritual gifts including seeing, hearing, and communicating with your spiritual council. Learn how to release negative emotions like blame, shame, guilt, regret, and fear and move toward manifesting your BLISS and opening up to the possibilities that exist on your beautiful spiritual journey.

This course if for EVERYONE!

It is not a coincidence that you are here now, reading this. The time is now to move forward, to embrace your spiritual gifts and see the difference they make in your daily life.

Experience and knowledge matter not; this course follows a natural progression of learning that fits the needs of the beginner as well as the more advanced.

What People Are Saying...
"Finding my authentic soul again has been amazing..."
Kristi- I am so grateful! Your six week My Spiritual Life course gave me insight into my own spiritual power. The additional bonus of your spiritual healing has changed my life. Finding my authentic soul again has been amazing, rejuvenating and breathtaking!!! Thank you!

Lisa Dimond
Owner/Certified Master PowerPlate Trainer at BVibrant-a powerful wellness studio in Naples, FL

"I can honestly say this series was life changing for me..."
I had the pleasure of attending Kristi's My Spiritual Life Series. I can honestly say this series was life changing for me. Kristi has such an open and calming presence that it makes the process so easy and natural, I felt completely comfortable through all her teachings. The series was very interactive and a great way to learn and connect. I feel so much clearer and empowered through all of her teachings and feel truly blessed that I had to opportunity to meet and work with Kristi.

Ashley Ayoob
Board Certified Critical Care and Internal Medicine Veterinarian at Animal Specialty Hospital of Florida in Naples, FL

"...classes were easy to follow...and will help you grow in every way..."
Kristi’s spiritual classes were so peaceful and easy to follow. If you are just awakening to your gifts or been practicing for some time they are easy to follow and will help you to grow in every way. Kristi is kind and calm and honest and can guide anyone to a higher level of understanding..

Jennifer Amy
"I learned to...hear...feel...and see.."
"I decided to start taking Kristi's Spiritual life Series. Here I learned to not only hear but to feel and see not only my guides and angels but also people who have passed more clearly. I thank Kristi for being so open, warm, and also understanding as to helping me connect. I recommend this series if you are open and ready to receive these gifts we all have, Namaste!"

Class Topics:
Week 1
How To Awaken Your Psychic Power: Sensing and Understanding Energy
Learn how to take control of your space and aura. Learn valuable tips on how to protect yourself as an empath. Learn how to use God's/Universal energy instead of your own during the day. All while increasing your psychic power.
Class quote:
"I can stop negativity emanating from myself or someone else with a quick and easy trick!"

Week 2
Unlocking the Third Eye: Developing Spiritual Vison and Taking Control of Your Spiritual Journey
This class can also be called a bunch of stuff that makes my spiritual journey so much easier and why the heck didn't someone teach me these things earlier! Learn how to open and balance your chakras. Develop spiritual vision using various techniques. Practice aura seeing and clearing, cord cutting and house clearing.
Class quote:
"I can change someone's mood (even my own) instantly with a quick aura clearing!"

Week 3
Following Your Spiritual Path: Learning to Follow Your Intuition and Spirit Guides
Meet your spirit guide, guardian angel, and spirit animal. Practice various techniques for following your intuition and connecting to guides. Learn various ways to receive information and interpret it.
Class quote:
"I'm not crazy and it's not my imagination!"

Week 4
Beyond Grief, Regret, and Fear: Learning to Use Your Spiritual Gifts during Adverse Times
Learn how to and then practice releasing grief, regret, fear, blame, shame, and guilt. Identify triggers and release them. Learn how to manifest yourself a better life.
Class quote:
"Thank you! I am free from years of negativity!"

Week 5
The Power Within: Understanding and Utilizing the Gifts of Healing
Learn various amazing healing techniques. Practice and experience your gifts of healing. Also, learn how to heal your past.
Class quote:
"I am a healer - we all are!!"
Week 6
The Beginning of Mediumship: Developing the Skills Needed to Sense and Interpret the Unseen
Learn how to sense and interpret the messages that are all around you. Learn to stand in your power and use the spiritual gifts you have developed to take control of the unseen.
Class quote:
"I am not afraid - I am in control!"

I’m not sure about you, but I wasted many years of my life thinking I was powerless
and feeling lost in this world.

“So Often Times It Happens That We Live Our Lives In Chains and We Never Even Know
We Have The Key,” from “Already Gone” by Eagles

The Key is to become a Spiritual Life Hacker.

I was so fortunate to have my guides give me Spiritual Life Hacks that helped me wake up and take control of my life very quickly after a lifetime of physical, emotional, and spiritual issues.

It is now my passion to guide you during your awakening and on your spiritual path by
helping you break free from what is holding you back and teaching you the Spiritual Life Hacks. These Hacks have changed my life and many others.

Are you ready to get started?

Following Spirit to find your bliss can be difficult, sometimes you just need
a Spiritual Guide to help you on your path.

I look forward working with you and helping you on your spiritual journey.
Spiritual Investment:
What you get for this price:

1. 10+ hours of instruction over 6 weeks, plus a bonus intro week with the option to move at your own pace

2. You will have lifetime access with free updates to the online curriculum. You will have full access from day 1 although it is recommended to be done over 6 weeks. Each week a reminder will be emailed to you. You can watch at your leisure and you are able to pause and repeat.

3. Practice exercises in between classes

3. Hands-on, interactive and empowering curriculum

4. Kristi's experience, knowledge, and professional expertise as a Spiritual Guide and National Board Certified Teacher

5. Support from each other and Kristi through a private Facebook group

14 Day Money Back Guarantee
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